Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eagle Scout

After dragging his feet for over two years, Chase finally got motivated to finish when he realized we were serious about him not receiving his driver's license until he earned his Eagle.

Earlier this summer he organized his Eagle project which was to paint all the fire hydrants in a 1 mile square block assigned by the fire department. He learned a lot about leadership and organization skills in completing this assignment. He had a great deal of support from family, friends and members of our ward - I think 65 people turned out on the Saturday of the project. In addition, he had help from his quorum prior to the project.

Before painting:

After painting:

Many helping hands

In October, an Eagle Court of Honor was held where Chase was awarded his Eagle Scout rank along with 2 other young men in our ward. Chase requested that his Grandpa Doug (Jerel's dad) present him his award so both Grandma and Grandpa traveled from California to be in attendance. We also had other family in attendance as well as many friends. It was a great evening but Chase's commented that his feeling was one of relief.

Grandpa Doug presenting Chase with his award.

Proud grandparents and parents with Chase!

(The Eagle backdrop was painted by Camille's step-dad who passed away last year--Chase's Grandpa Randy. He is a very talented artist.)