Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fondant fun

I know I've blogged before about my cake decorating classes, but this week I have been going to Fondant and Gum Paste classes. Fondant is actually fun and not as hard to work with as I thought. I definately have much room to improve and much to learn, but I'm enjoying the class. I'm attaching some pictures of my first cake. I covered the board under the cake in blue marbelized fondant and then the cake is in white fondant. I then decorated the cake with gum paste and fondant in a few different techniques that I learned. I know it's not a cohesive design, but I wanted to actually try each technique on the cake--it makes a difference. I love the part where it's wrapped around the side like a piece of fabric. Isn't it cool looking?! Tanner's favorite was the part that looks like a hankerchief is hanging over the side (the triangle part with cutouts). I was just excited at my first attempts and wanted to share.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Trip to Heber

On Saturday, June 30th, our family took a quick trip north to visit the town of Heber, AZ and to participate in their 4th of July celebration. Every year they put on a fantastic celebration at the local high school complete with food, music, raffle, food, train rides, greased pig, and completed with one of the best firework shows around. They usually have their celebration the weekend before or after the 4th of July. It can be a challenge finding out when the event is to take place because the town is so small that they don't have a city hall. Many years ago when we first heard about the celebration, we had to call the local Circle K store to get details. We have tried to attend the event every year but usually we make it every other year.

We left around 3 pm. The temperature when we left Mesa was 112 degrees. Just over 2 hours later, we arrived in Heber where the temperature was a very comfortable 87. Admission to the festivities was $5 which goes to the local chamber of commerce to fund the fireworks show next year. We took chairs and blankets and found a good location on the baseball field. The fireworks show began at 9 pm so we spent the next several hours eating nachos, sub sandwiches, bbq beef sandwiches, soda, sno cones, homemade pie and ice cream, and frozen cheesecake on a stick.
We played board games, read books, slept, threw the football around and visited with the hundreds of other people in attendance. The pictures below show our kids enjoying the visit from a couple snakes which were brought by some local guys.

By 9 pm, the temperature was in the low 70's or high 60's. It was announced that the fireworks show was going to last 1 hour. However, it was closer to 35 minutes. However, the fireworks are so much closer to you then other shows we have been to and the sound echos off the canyon walls which makes the show very unique. And because you don't have the lights from a big city, the night sky is dark which really amplifies the brightness and the colors. We all had a great time and really enjoyed getting out of the heat if only for a few hours.

Did she just call me fat?

When Camille and I visited the temple on Saturday morning, I needed to rent some pants. This is because my pants are very old (I purchased them before getting married) and the pants have shrunk a couple sizes over the years. Camille walked by and gave me an inquisitive look and asked what I was doing. I replied that I needed to rent some pants.

There were two women working behind the counter. Woman #1 asks me (with a little smirk and a comical tone in her voice), "Brother, why do you need to rent pants?" I answer, "My pants are really old." Woman #2 then chimes in, "It wouldn't have anything to do with size, would it?" I should have broke down and started crying right then but there were 3 guys behind me who were there to take out their endowments so I had to be cool. I laughed and headed off to change.

When I met up with Camille while we were waiting to begin the sealing session, I thought about the encounter some more. I concluded that she indeed had called me fat!! I wonder how the overweight sisters take the news when they rent clothes. Oh well, I still enjoyed the temple visit and I did have a revelation of sorts.....I am fat!! (At least she didn't call me old!)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Temple blessings

Jerel and I went to the temple this morning to finish up some sealings from names that Lavell and Roland gave us. I always love the little "sunday school lessons" that the sealers give us during those times. They give you such insight into the ordinances and blessings of the temple.

This morning the sealer was wonderful. He taught us that Pres. Hinckley said that the blessings that come from sealings can't be taken away but they can be lost due to sin and neglect. He said that sin is something we obviously think about, but neglect can creep up easily and we might not think it is harmful. Just a little thought of some good stuff.

Also, I went to the temple Friday morning with my friend, Natalie, to do some initiatories. It's a tradition of hers to go the month right before her babies are to be born. (She's due to have her 7th in a few weeks.) Again, more spiritual insight. One of the temple workers told me that they recently had a training session with one of the Quorum of the Twelve (Hale I think). He said to pay close attention as we are taught about the markings on the garment in the endowment sessions because it is a "road map to our lives." Just good stuff!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Chase and his cheerleaders

WAY funny story to share! Although, Chase doesn't think it's as funny as I do. I walked into the living room the other day and Chase was playing Xbox. On the screen was a bunch of cheerleaders doing a routine. I'm like, "What game are you playing?"

Chase responded, "Thrillville."

I then said, "What's up with the cheerleaders?"

Chase replies, now think bored teenager voice directed to clueless parent, "I'm training my entertainment."

I'm like, "Chase, seriously?!"

(Sidenote, Thrillville is like roller coaster tycoon. It's a game where you build an amusement park and plan different rides, make food stalls, etc.)

He then explained further, "You HAVE to train them. I have to train my janitors, mechanics and entertainment to go on to the next park. Look I just got 5000 points on grace and 98/100 on poise."
We should be sooo proud. So I snuck up behind him to take a picture. Sorry, it's a little blurry--I couldn't stop doing the silent laugh thing. I was almost crying I was laughing so hard. In Chase's defense, I did ask Jordan about the game and he concurred that you have to train your entertainment.
Check out the picture of Chase's response to me posting this. Imagine him shaking his head too. Think of Napoleon Dynamite saying, "Are you serious?!"

Dad, I love you so much!

The other night Trevor really, really, REALLY wanted to play ping pong with Jerel. (I have to explain. Ping pong with Trevor is not super exciting. It consists of Jerel basically hitting the ball to him and Trevor missing a lot.) Well, Jerel was in the middle of some stuff and told him, "In a little bit."
Next thing I know, Trevor is going upstairs saying, "Dad, I want to . . . Dad, I love you sooo much. Will you play ping pong with me?" A few minutes later, Jerel was playing with Trevor. How can you resist such a cute little voice? Apparently Jerel can't!

Plus, look how happy he is while Jerel is setting it up!

Jerel has his game face on!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Backseat, ummm . . . driver?

Okay, we found out a couple nights back at FHE that I am a "backseat teacher." Jerel was giving the lesson on testimonies and I kept, well, "backseat driving" the lesson. Sorry Jerel! He was doing a great job giving the lesson, but I kept interjecting my comments. I guess it's because I'm used to doing the lessons all the time. We were all laughing about it, and then it comes up every few days as they tease me about it again. I just decided to share the story because we all thought it was funny and we thought you might too. :)